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אדריכלות מעצימה פוגשת חינוך מעצים
Empowering Architecture Meets Empowering Education
We Learn

החיבורים בין חינוך ואדריכלות, בין פדגוגיה חדשנית וסביבה מעצימה הופכים מרחב למידה לארוע של אינטראקציה

חינוכית | חברתית | תרבותית | יצירתית


Realizing the relationship between Education & Architecture and translating new pedagogy into empowering environments. Changing learning spaces into events of educational, social, cultural and creative collaboration.

חוברים לאנשי חינוך פורצי דרך | מתרגמים צרכים פדגוגים לסביבה המכינה את משתמשיה לעולם החדש  

WE translate groundbreaking educational approaches into innovative environments that help users be ready for the new world.

Learning Environments

Empowering Learning Environments



As architects, it has been been inspiring to create meaningful learning and working environments aimed at empowering students, teachers and workers and propelling them to success. Through the years, while being involved in various projects concerning both educational and corporate spaces in USA and Israel, we were motivated by the social responsibility, and by the challenge, to drive the shift in the nature of collaboration in working environments and eventually in learning environments as well. 

Joining the Ph.D. program at` IIT in Chicago created an opportunity for thoroughly identifying the role of architecture in encouraging ‘WE’ culture, as opposed to ‘ME’ culture in K through corporate environments.

WE  vs. ME

Who We Are

Anat Mor-Avi
Architect | Artist
Ph.D. student
תומכת  ביצירתיות  
הדורות הבאים    
 בעזרת מחקר, עשיה אדריכלית ודמיון פרוע.
Supports CREATIVITY of the next generations with architectural research, practice and a lot of imagination. 
Translates cultural and educational DREAMS into architectural reality.
מתרגמת חלומות  תרבותיים וחינוכיים
למציאות אדריכלית
Iris Benado

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Anat Mor-Avi

+ (972) 72-370-0060  |  +1 (847) 345-3747
1400 S Michigan Avenue

Chicago, IL 60605

Iris Benado 

+ (972) 52-680-8248

13 Dvora HaNevi'a st.

Tel-Aviv, il 6158001

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